Community Living Assessment

Helping families determine the best living situation for a loved one.
In this Section

Community living Assessments help participants and their families determine the best living situation for a participant and to look at independent living areas to continue building their skills in. Recommendations address a variety of issues that may include housing options, community resources, transition planning, and remedial skill development. 

You can expect the following from a Community Living Assessment

  • Assess activities of daily living, including: cooking, cleaning, meal planning, shopping, health/safety, budgeting, transportation, and knowledge of community resources
  • Activities are done within a fully functioning apartment lab setting
  • Assist with determining best living situation and areas to continue building skills
  • Vocational skill sets can be assessed as well, upon request

Where does this service take place?

  • At SVRI
  • At the participant's current residence
  • Within the community