Vocational Evaluation Assessment

Focusing on career exploration.
In this Section

Vocational Evaluation Assessment focuses on career exploration. Career exploration activities may    include interest testing, and conversation with the evaluator to collaborate on employment goals. Services are usually provided over the course of one day, depending upon the needs of the consumer.
Price: $500.00

You can expect the following from a Vocational Evaluation Assessment

  • General vocational goal(s) developed with the individual and steps to achieve the goals
  •  A final written report

Where does this service take place?

  • At a public location with a private meeting space, that is convenient to the consumer
  • Internet access at the site is necessary

Who can benefit from this service?

  • Clients appropriate for this type of service will have a vocational goal in mind, but are in need of further exploration on the feasibility of the goal and the steps needed to be taken in order to reach the goal(s)
  • Since this service is relatively brief, it is important for referral sources to provide the evaluator with as much information as possible about the client’s vocational strengths and barriers to help the client and evaluator develop an appropriate vocational goal

Additional Services

Vocational Evaluation Assessment—Psychometric Psychometric testing instruments are used to evaluate the consumer’s abilities and aptitudes. Services are usually paired with the standardized vocational evaluation assessment and are provided over the course of one day.
Price: $125.00 per hour

Customized Vocational Evaluation
$125.00 per hour