Rudy Rack needed the space to grow.

An MOC Success Story
December 27, 2022


“The business has grown and the organization is challenged with space and productivity efficiencies. We need to look at our production layout,” Owner, Don Rasmussen explained in an initial site visit from University of Wisconsin-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center (MOC). “We need to be better with the space we have. People have no room to do their work”, he continued.


The MOC had a number of site visits to learn more about the organization and understand the manufacturing processes. MOC staff engaged the organization in a plant layout transformation. The first step was training in lean principles. Second was a mapping session of the processes by a team of employees. Third, a facilitated plan to make the layout and process changes team designed. 

Don explained his view of the MOC, and their services, “What a great resource to the small manufacturers. They helped us get out of our own way, how to work smarter and make changes with the people involved. Their knowledge and experience is so valuable.”


Productivity has dramatically improved. “The throughput time for the shop has gone from 3 weeks to 4 days. The amount of work completed per week (output) has improved 300% with the process changes and layout improvements,” explained Eric Vidal. “With the assistance of the affordable automation, we expect even greater gains to our productivity this year,” Don Rasmussen stated.


“The MOC services has changed our business. We have the capacity to take on more orders with a shorter lead-time, better than ever. Initially, the services were recommended to me, and I was skeptical. However, after our engagement and seeing the impacts, I sure appreciate the referral. I strongly recommend them.” 

- Don Rasmussen