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At UW-Stout, we organize our academic programs into three colleges with six schools and a graduate school.
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College of Arts, Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Arts, Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences (CACHSS) coursework introduces students to a broad-based understanding of the human experience, as conveyed through the arts, social sciences, literature, philosophy, history, music and theatre.

CACHSS Academic Departments

Art and Art History Department

Design Department


English, Philosophy and Communication Studies Department

Social Science Department

CACHSS Schools

School of Art & Design


College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences

College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences (CEHHHS) offers undergraduate and graduate degrees that prepare professionals to become successful and effective leaders in their discipline, improve the human condition, and meet the challenges of a changing world. 

CEHHHS Academic Departments

Counseling, Rehabilitation & Human Services Department

Kinesiology, Health, Food and Nutritional Sciences Department


Psychology Department

Teaching, Learning and Leadership Department

CEHHHS Schools

School of Education


School of Hospitality Leadership


College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management

College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management (CSTEMM) is committed to unlocking potential and inspiring innovation. We will inspire you to reach your full potential through engaged learning and transformative hands-on experiences.

CSTEMM Academic Departments

Biology Department

Business Department

Chemistry and Physics Department

Engineering and Technology Department


Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Department

Military Science Department

Operations and Management Department

CSTEMM Schools

Robert F. Cervenka School of Engineering


School of Management


Graduate School

UW-Stout's Graduate School has over 20 distinctive, highly-regarded advanced degree programs. We're proud to offer a variety of degrees that are unique, results-oriented, and fit the needs of working professionals. Throughout our programs you'll find:

  • Award-winning faculty who have real industry experience.
  • Flexible curriculum that can be completed fully online or through hybrid delivery.
  • Practical, applied learning experiences.
  • Exceptional facilities and labs at your disposal on campus.

Each graduate degree at UW-Stout has specific admission guidelines. Request graduate school information, our friendly and helpful staff are here to help you navigate the nuances of the Graduate School application process. 


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