Photo of Wade Lambrigtsen

Wade Lambrigtsen


Wade has created mural and sign work locally and across the country, owns his own business in town – Vintage Sign shop, and has served as a Walldog project leader for four years. Walldogs is an event where a town hosts hundreds of artists from around the world to paint professional murals using local history as the subject matter. Usually, twelve to twenty murals are painted in a five-day period in a town that has been planning the event for five or more years.

Project leaders are chosen to design murals based on important local historical events, individuals, businesses, sports, and institutions that are decided by a committee. Once designs are approved, project leaders assemble their team or recruit local registered artists to help paint.

Wade enjoys mural making, as it has allowed him to travel the country, help beautify a town, and meet some amazing artists from around the world. He really enjoys planning and organizing the painting of murals, and especially teaching eager painters techniques during the Walldog events.

Wade will be co-teaching the new course, ART 296: Graffiti and Street Art in the summer of 2022. He’s excited to work as an instructor in SOAD, since he graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design 26 years ago. He loves the opportunity of training future muralists.

Williams Hardware Co Mural