Scott Bowe, ET Advisory Board Member

"I enjoy helping people and want to help prepare students for what they want in their careers.”
March 25, 2019
Scott Bowe: Engineering Technology Advisory Board Member, Andersen Corp. employee, and Stout Alumni
Bowe, in the window display area at Andersen Corporation, Menomonie. / Photo by Sue Pischke

Scott Bowe has always been very technical, wanting to find hands-on solutions and understand how things are put together, how they operate. Bowe graduated from UW-Stout in 2000 with his Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and is proud of his alma mater. 

“There was never a time that I wasn’t glad I went to Stout,” he said. 

Bowe has been at Andersen Corporation for 15 years. As a Technology Manager, he investigates, pilots and implements new technologies, and finds means to improve existing technologies within the company.   

“I also help in creating and maintaining a highly qualified technical team that support our enterprise projects and goals,” he said.  

Bowe chose to work for Andersen for similar reasons as he chose to attend UW-Stout. To him, they stand out above the rest. 

While Andersen makes continuous improvements, innovations, and investments in learning, Bowe seeks to do the same with his membership on UW-Stout's Engineering Technology program’s advisory board.  

“I joined the board because I enjoy helping people and want to help prepare students for what they want in their careers,” he said. 

Bowe brings his own knowledge and experience to the advisory board. Knowing the impact companies have on industry and the pace at which technology changes, Bowe can give the board an idea of industry situations, and their perspective of students entering the engineering field. 

“The school understands what the industry wants from students, and the industry realizes the experience Stout students have,” Bowe explained. “So, the Engineering Technology Advisory Board is driven by an industry-focused dialogue: what do we want to improve and add to the program to prepare our students?”

Bowe has received certifications, including his Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate, and has attended many mini-programs along his lines of interest in operations and management. He knows the importance of having a career goal in mind. 

“But don’t plan a path to get there,” he advised. “You can have a plan today, but it could change tomorrow. There are so many options. Just don’t be complacent. Continue to work hard and prove your aptitude above others.” 

“Get out of school, get a job, work for a few years,” he recommended. “Learn more about what parts of your field interest you and then see if an additional degree will benefit your career and if it’s what you want.” 

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