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2021-2022 Residence Hall Handbook

Whether this is your first year in college, your first year at Stout, or you've been here before, the University Housing Residence Hall Handbook serves as a resource for you to best understand residence hall living.  You'll find general information along with up-to-date content about:

  • Procedures and Services
  • Room Accommodations
  • University Housing Code of Conduct
  • Residence Hall Policies
  • Dean of Students Office and UWS Chapter 17
  • Residence Hall Damage and Cost List

Updates for 2021-2022 Academic Year

Updates that occur to the handbook throughout the academic year can be found here.  New handbooks will be published electronically with the most updated content in August prior to each academic year.

Failure to Comply | Updated 08/23/2021

Students are their guests are expected to respond to all reasonable directives, written or verbal, from staff members and University officials.  No person may knowingly resist, interfere or obstruct a University Police Officer or other University employee while that officer/employee is acting in an official capacity.  This includes but is not limited to giving false information/statements, filing a false report, or placing physical evidence with intent to mislead.  Additionally, students will be expected to follow reasonable health and safety requests by the University including but not limited to abiding by the current mask and testing requirements.

Guests | Updated 08/23/2021

As per the University Housing Guests policy, residents may host guests in their residence hall, however as stated in the guest policy, their guest’s behavior is their responsibility.  All guests, like our residents, must abide by COVID-19 policies.  Additionally, to avoid large group gatherings and the potential spread of COVID-19, the overnight occupancy expectations will be extended 24/7.  Therefore, the total number of guests and residents staying in a residence hall room and/or suite at any time may not exceed the following:

  • Single room occupancy: 4
  • Double room occupancy: 4
  • Extended double room occupancy: 6
  • Quad room occupancy: 8
  • Red Cedar Suite occupancy: 8