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Recruitment and Engagement at UW-Stout

The Employer Relations team is your main point of contact for our employers looking to recruit and engage at the university. We are committed to connecting students and employers.

4 Step Recruitment Process

1. Connect

Handshake Logo

Handshake is the one-stop shop to find, recruit, and hire UW-Stout talent. Utilize the platform to post positions, events, and engage with students

2. Recruit

Availability of all recruitment opportunities and delivery methods subject to change to abide by changing university and CDC COVID-19 guidelines to ensure safety of the campus community and external partners

Career Conference

UW-Stout Career Services hosts recruitment events in both the fall and spring semesters. Employers are encouraged to attend and recruit for internships, co-ops, and full-time professional positions.

For information about our Spring 2022 Career Conference Week, please visit our website

SAVE THE DATE: Fall 2022 Career Conference Week | September 26-30


On-campus interviews

Next-Day On-Campus Interviews during Career Conference Week March 1-4

  • We will not be accommodating same-day interviews (examples: you attend the fair and want to host on-campus interviews in afternoon or have a separate table to interview during the career fair event).
  • Interviews will begin at 8:30am (employer check-in at 8:00am) and conclude at 4:00pm.
  • Interview timeslots will run in 30-minute increments.

Requests to participate in next-day on-campus interviews must be submitted via Handshake by Wednesday, February 23.

This is a SEPARATE registration from your Career Fair registration.

  • Log into Handshake
  • Request your next day on-campus interview(s) - How to request an interview schedule
  • Please include your start and end times in the details box within the request (reminder, interviews can begin at 8:30am and must end by 4:00pm.)
  • Please post your open position(s) in Handshake prior to the Career Fair - How to post a job 

You (the employer) will select students you wish to interview during the Career Fair and fill a schedule sheet (one will be provided to you). When you (the employer) invite a student to interview, please provide the student with a yellow interview card (these will be provided to you) that corresponds with the timeslot on your schedule sheet.

Day of interviews

  • You (the employer) will check in on the lower level of the Memorial Student Center and will be directed to your room.
  • When you are ready for your student(s) you will come out to the check-in area and call out for your student and take them back to interview.

On-Campus Interviews March 7-April 29

Submit your interview request via Handshake

  • Log into Handshake
  • Request your next day on-campus interview(s) - How to request an interview schedule
  • Please include your start and end times in the details box within the request (reminder, interviews can begin at 8:30am and must end by 4:00pm.)
  • Please post your open position(s) in Handshake prior to the Career Fair - How to post a job 



Contact Stef Jax, Recruitment Coordinator | jaxs@uwstout.edu | 715-232-1603


Cooperative Education and Internship Program

UW-Stout’s Co-op program started in 1982 and has grown to be one of the largest programs in the country.  Starting Fall 2020, we will be expanding our program to include a variety of positions including paid and unpaid positions with a wider variety of hour requirements which will improve employer access to programs connected to our government and non-profit sectors.  We currently enroll 1000+ students annually who work at 600+ employer sites. Our students are working across the USA in 35+ states and internationally.

To learn more about the requirements of employers for the Cooperative Education and Internship Program, please visit our website.

3. Engage

Art and Design Week 

This event is brought to you by UW-Stout Career Services and the School of Art and Design to connect students with employers, design professionals, and alumni.

Winter Job Shadow Program 

The Job Shadow program provides the opportunity for students to visit an employer site and experience a “day in the life” of a professional in a career field of interest. Visit the website to learn more about being a Job Shadow host during the January 2022 winter break.

Student Organizations 

Engaging with student organizations is a great way to connect with a group of highly engaged students. Visit the student organization website to learn more about the various groups.

Information Sessions

Employer information sessions are informal introductions to your organization allowing recruiters to connect with students and share about the organization. Information sessions are held in the Memorial Student Center (MSC) on campus and are scheduled by the employer. It is recommended that information sessions be scheduled well in advance to provide adequate time for advertisement to students and faculty.

Best practices:

  • Short presentation (15-30 minutes) with time for Q&A
  • Include current/past interns or alumni working for the organization
  • Recruitment materials, brochures, swag items
  • Food and refreshments (must be purchased through University Catering)

Contact information for MSC: Room Reservation Office (715)-232-2000 or mscreservations@uwstout.edu Employers are billed directly and responsible for all costs.

Faculty Connections

The Career Services Employer Relations team can help you build relationships with UW-Stout program directors and faculty. If you are interested in a particular program, we are happy to provide you with contact information. We cannot guarantee classroom presentations. This is at the discretion of the faculty member.

4. Elevate

Career Services Partnership Program

Elevate your recruitment and engagement with UW-Stout to the next level through increased branding opportunities, networking opportunities with students, faculty, and staff, and strategic collaboration with Career Services.

To learn more, visit the Career Services Partnership Program website.

Program Advisory Committees

All academic programs (undergraduate and graduate) have dedicated advisory committees.  The primary functions of these committees are to advise and assist on multiple matters related to curriculum, students, industry trends and more. Committees meet once each semester or more frequently as needed. More information can be found on the website.

If you are interested in joining a Program Advisory Committee, please complete the interest form here.

Annual Employer Recognition Event

The University of Wisconsin-Stout Career Services office hosts the annual Employer Recognition event as an opportunity to share office and campus wide updates and learn from students and fellow employers about best practices to enhance your presence on campus. Our Career Services Partnership Program participants will be recognized, and our Employer of the Year awarded.

For 2021’s agenda visit our website.

2022 event date coming soon!