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General Transcript Information

What is a transcript?

A transcript is a document that contains all of a student's academic achievements at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Transcripts are typically sent to employers, graduate school programs, and other academic institutions to reflect a student's academic achievement.

Instances in which transcripts are commonly requested:

  • A student transferring to another college will typically need to send an official transcript to the new institution as proof of enrollment and as an indicator of academic ability
  • Students often request official transcripts to be given to employers alongside a resume and other job application paperwork
  • Unofficial transcripts do not fulfill the requirements of most schools and employers and are often requested for personal student records 

Official Transcripts

An official transcript is printed on security paper and bears the signature of the Registrar.

  • Official transcripts may be mailed or sent electronically online

Note: All transcripts sent to the students are stamped "issued to student". Not all institutions (colleges, employers, scholarship funds, etc.) will accept these transcripts even if they are in sealed envelopes. It is up to the student to verify with the receiving institution if transcripts need to be sent directly from UW-Stout to them. Many institutions require transcripts be sent directly from UW-Stout to their institution to be considered official.


Requesting Unofficial Transcripts

Current Students

Unofficial transcripts can be printed through Access Stout for all current students only. For help with this process, please use our Unofficial Transcript Walkthrough.


Ordering Official Transcripts

Official Transcripts are to be ordered online. Please visit our authorized third-party vendor, Parchment, to see prices and enter your order.

Current students and recent graduates: You can expedite the process by logging in to Access Stout, navigating to your Student Center, and clicking on the "Request Official Transcript" link beneath the "other enrollment" drop-down menu. A step-by-step guide is available to assist you with the process.

Alumni & International students:  Please order your transcript here with our authorized third-party vendor, Parchment.  A step-by-step guide and videos are available to assist you with the order process.  

Order an Official Transcript


Intelligent Mail Barcoding

University of Wisconsin - Stout has appointed Parchment as our agent for printing and mailing academic transcript documents via the Parchment eRoboMail™ service. The official transcript documents produced by Parchment are official documents and contain all pertinent course information as recorded by the University of Wisconsin - Stout.  Transcript requests that are ordered to be delivered by regular mail via the United States Post Office, will have an Intelligent Mail Barcode on them for tracking purposes.
When any order is complete the student is sent an order completed email that includes the link to our self-service webpage where the student will be able to review the status of their order.  The student can also track or check the status of their order at any time.  Once the student is logged into self-service, under the “Transcripts Recipient” section the student will be able to view the IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcoding) scans by the post office. 

Electronic Transcripts
The Fastest Way to Send Official Transcripts

What are E-Transcripts?

The term E-Transcript refers to any transcript that is delivered to the recipient in an electronic format instead of being printed and mailed to the recipient. The availability of specific E-Transcript delivery options depends on the individual institution. This means that some institutions may offer one or more options for delivering your transcript electronically and other institutions may not offer any electronic options.

What does "PDF Delivered Electronically to Recipient" mean?

When you see this option on the order screen it means that the school from which you are ordering your transcript is capable of delivering transcripts in a PDF file format and the school you have selected to receive the transcript is participating in the  Parchment Network™ and is able to receive PDF transcripts electronically from us.

What does "PDF Downloaded by Recipient" mean?

When you see this option on the screen it means that your transcript will be created as a PDF document and we will then notify the intended recipient that it is ready to be downloaded. This method is generally used when you have designated an individual or other non-educational institution who is not a participant in our network as the recipient.

Why should I prefer this method of delivery?

This option represents one of the fastest methods for delivering your transcript to the receiving institution. Using this option normally means that once the sending school has completed the processing of your order, it will be delivered much faster to the receiving institution. In addition, we will send you an email confirming the delivery so you will know immediately that your transcript has been received. With traditional "First-Class Mail", there is no way to confirm that your transcript has been received.

Is transcript processing completed when I receive the email?

Normally the receiving institution must still do additional work on your information before it actually appears in their student records system. For this reason, you might call the admissions office and they may still respond that your transcript is not in their system. However, if we have sent you an email acknowledgement, then you can rely on the fact that your transcript is in the possession of the receiving institution but possibly still being processed. Your email acknowledgement from us is similar to a delivery confirmation from the U.S. Post Office on an Express Mail or Priority Mail package. It is also like confirming delivery of a FedEx or UPS package by tracking it online.

I have not received an email acknowledgement.

Once your order is entered into our system, any of the following situations could be affecting the delivery of your transcript:

  1. All transcript orders require some form of authentication or authorization. You must first create an account with Parchment.  Once your account is created and you log into your account, your order will automatically be authenticated and authorized.  
  2. If you entered any of the student identifying data incorrectly (such as Social Security Number, date of birth, or student name) the institution's staff may be having trouble locating your records.
  3. If you attended the institution prior to the time they began maintaining electronic records, then it is possible that you are seeing this option because you entered your from/to attendance years incorrectly on the order screen and the institution will be unable to complete your order electronically. This "PDF Delivered Electronically to Recipient" option only appears on our screens when both the "Attended From" and the "Attended To" years on the order form are later than the first year of electronic data maintained by the institution.
  4. If the email address that you entered on your order was incorrect or if your email provider is blocking Parchment emails to you, then you will not receive our notifications about problems with your order and will not receive our authorization reminder forms. Note: if you never received your order receipt email from Parchment, then there may be a problem with the email address you provided and you should contact our Customer Service Department.
  5. If you selected a "Hold for Grades" or "Hold for Degree" option on your order (if the institution offered such an option), then your order will typically not be completed until this information has been posted at the end of the term.
Can my 3rd Party PDF be uploaded to an application service?

The 3rd party PDF is encrypted for security purposes. The encryption cannot  be removed. When submitting the PDF to an application service, not all services will allow for an encrypted PDF to be uploaded. In this circumstance the PDF would need to be printed, scanned, and then uploaded to the application service. PDF transcripts viewed electronically are recognized as official documents. A printed copy of the PDF Transcript will be considered "unofficial" and will display the words "PRINTED COPY" on all pages of the PDF.

**Please be advised that if your transcript is being sent internationally, the BEST method for delivery is International Federal Express. If First Class Mail is the chosen method; delivery may take 3-4 weeks and no package tracking will be provided

Checking the Status or Tracking Your Order

Please click on the links below for how to check the status of your order.

Check the Status of an Order video

Check the Status of an Order step by step guide

Learner/Student Support page