Post-Baccalaureate Educator Certifications

Eligible individuals can apply for non-degree, add-on educator certifications
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The following post-Baccalaureate non-degree, add-on certifications are available at UW-Stout for individuals with a previous education degree who are eligible for or hold at least one PK-12 educator license. This does not include permits, substitute license, experienced-based licenses or Tier I license in the state of Wisconsin.

Note: These certifications are designed to meet the requirements for licensure in the State of Wisconsin. If you reside outside of Wisconsin, please note that UW-Stout cannot confirm whether this program (or course) meets requirements for professional licensure in your state. Students from other states will need to contact their state regarding licensure requirements. See the following website for additional information. 

Undergraduate Add-on Certifications

Undergraduate or Graduate Add-on Certifications

Graduate Add-on Certifications