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The Stout University Foundation supports scholarships for full time or part-time degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students. It's easy to apply, one application will automatically qualify you for any foundation scholarship which you meet the criteria for. The Scholarship Committee reviews applications and announces award recipients in the Spring. 

The 2024-2025 Stout University Foundation Scholarship application is now closed. The 2025-2026 application will open in the Fall.

Criteria for Selection

No single factor will be responsible for an applicant receiving a scholarship.

Factors which are considered include:

  • Academic performance
  • Professional activities
  • Extracurricular activities 
  • Community involvement
  • In some cases, financial need 

Don’t become discouraged if you don’t get awarded a scholarship right away. Unfortunately, it's sometimes difficult to win a scholarship, and not everyone is guaranteed to receive one. It's vital that you never give up applying for scholarships— because then you're guaranteed to never win one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I am only a part-time student? 
    • Awards are for full and part-time students.
  • Are letters of recommendation or essays required? 
    • Starting this application season, these are no longer required.
  • When will I be notified if I receive a scholarship? 
    • Notification of scholarship awards will be by email in the Spring.
  • Do I have to attend the scholarship reception to receive my award?  
    • You will be notified if your attendance is required. You will be required to attend the reception if your donor is in attendance; failure to do so may result in your scholarship being rescinded.
  • What if I graduate in December, do I receive the full amount? 
    • Yes, but you must notify the Stout University Foundation or Financial Aid office before September 15, 2024.
  • Do I have to fill out a FAFSA? 
    • A FAFSA is required for any scholarships that requires financial need. It is the student's choice to fill out the FAFSA but not completing it will automatically disqualify you from any scholarships where financial need is part of the criteria.
  • Are there scholarships available for international students? 
    • Yes, the foundation has a few scholarships for international students
  • How do I access external scholarships?
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