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Looking for some Fresh Inspiration in the cafeteria? Check out some of our unique recipes for some inspiration!
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The North Point and Price Commons Cafeterias offer a wide variety of ingredients for your own Fresh Inspiration! Take a look through the recipes below 

The main proteins for the meals can be found at the main stations available each day in the cafeterias and can be customized at the salad bar. 

Displays can be found in each of the cafeterias with our most recent Fresh Inspirations. Look for a few new recipes each month!


Past Fresh Inspirations

Jalapeno Popper Quesadilla

How to create

1. Take tortilla from Southwest Sizzle station 

2. Spread with cream cheese from sandwich/toasting station 

3. Top with bacon bits, jalapeno, and shredded mozzarella from salad bar. 

4. Use panini press station to toast until cheese is melted 

Caprese Grilled Cheese

How to create

1. Grab two slices of bread, free choice, from station next to cereal bar 

2. Top with spinach, mozzarella, tomato, and Italian seasoning from salad bar 

3. Toast in panini press

Fish Taco

How to create

1. Take tortilla from Southwest Sizzle 

2. Add breaded fish fillet from Broadway Grill 

3. Top with Pico De Gallo, shredded cheese, and lettuce from salad bar

Hawaiian Grilled Cheese
Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

How to create

1. Choose chicken breast from grill station and shred

2. Choose bread from station next to cereal 

3. Add BBQ sauce and pineapple from salad bar

4. Use panini press to grill

Loaded Veggie Pasta

How to create 

1. Pick pasta and Marinara sauce from the pasta bar 

2. Add spinach, mushrooms, onion, and cherry tomatoes from the salad bar 

(Optional: add chicken breast from grill)

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

How to create 

1. Take two cookies from the dessert bar 

2. Fill one side with ice cream of your choice from soft-serve machine 

3. Place other cookie on top to form sandwich 

Pasta with Blush Sauce


How to create 

1. Get pasta of choice from Pasta Stop station

2. Ask for one scoop of Marinara and one scoop of Alfredo sauce 

3. Top with spinach, mushrooms, and onions from the salad bar

Chicken Alfredo

How to create

1. Get grilled chicken breast from Broadway Grill station

2. At the Pasta Stop station, choose pasta and ask for Alfredo sauce 

3. Top with tomatoes, spinach, and green and red bell peppers from the salad bar