Summer STEAM Experience

For students entering grades 9 - 12 in fall 2022 who are interested in exploring career paths at UW-Stout.
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Summer STEAM Experience

The 2022 Summer STEAM Experience (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) is happening face-to-face!  Next June we are offering classes in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math featured in one week, June 12-16, 2022. Students entering grades 9 to 12 in fall 2022 are invited to explore career paths with UW-Stout faculty experts in a campus setting. Dorm stays, camp activities and a college student panel will provide well-rounded experiences that highlight the value of creative and critical thinking.

This camp will follow UW-Stout's COVID-19 guidelines, safety requirements, and meeting protocols. See latest updates.

Stay tuned to see what's in store for 2022 Tracks!

2021 Online Tracks:

Human Anatomy - Track Leader: Dr. Alexandra Hall

"Don't just fly, soar!" Campers will produce 2D animations using industry-standard software.  After learning the basics of the software, we will jump right into animating.  We will explore professional techniques and follow the 12 principles of animation to produce believable and fun animations!  By the end, the campers will have produced an animation that will be featured online.

Video Game Design - Track Leader: Andrew Williams

Level up your skills and get started on realizing the game of your dreams! Learn the end-to-end process of creating video games and the many skills needed to bring them to life using the same techniques and tools as the pros. Begin the week exploring the foundation of game creation—planning the fun—by sketching levels and character designs. Proceed to build a game by adding art, animation, programming logic, and sound effects. At the week’s end, playtest the fun with your class, family, and friends to get your game ready for all to the world to play!

Interior Design - Track Leader: Shelley Pecha

Learn what real interior designers do! Campers will design a living space for their favorite celebrity. While designing this space, you will learn about project programming, the design process, space planning, and how to create a color palette. You will learn about and choose finishes and furniture for your celebrity space. You will hand draw your floor plans, compose imagery boards, and create a presentation for your project. We will also show current student work and interior design projects from around the world.

Music & Math - Track Leader: Jerry Hui

If music is a well-organized sound, and if computers can keep things well organized, shouldn't we be able to teach a computer how to make music? In this track, we will learn the math and physics of sound, create new musical instruments with software synthesizers, and teach a computer how to create new music through programming and algorithm.

Tabletop Game Design - Track Leader: Jay Little

Time to get your game on — your tabletop game, that is! Join our award-winning game design instructor for a workshop focused on the fundamentals of fun. Come learn about board games, card games, and other tabletop games through a blend of discussions and activities. Work with others to brainstorm ideas, create quick prototypes, and solve puzzles and challenges. Not only will you see how games are designed and developed, but you will also use that information to create some games of your own! Each attendee will be provided with a kit that includes all the bits and pieces you need to start making a game just like the pros do. And afterward, you can use the kit to continue working on your creation — or create brand new games of your own.


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2022 Junior STEAM Experience

For students entering grades 6-8 scheduled for June 19th to 23rd
2022 Summer STEAM Experience

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