People Process Culture Testimonials
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"Decades ago Phillips Plastics Corporation informally defined its culture as the People Process. Simply put "...all people are important and people working together achieve more..." Some grasp the concept but Drs. Jeanette Kersten and Kelly La Venture embraced the meaning, finding people in diverse industries and businesses who share the believe that its people are a critical part of an organization's success."

- Debbie Cervenka, Executive Vice President (former), 
Phillips Plastics Corporation. 

"With the publication of The Human Factor to Profitability: Building a people-centered culture for long-term success, Drs. Kersten and La Venture have written  the “must read” text of the year for all of us – consultants, academicians, business leaders, and students – who work each day to keep the and between people and profits."

- Dr. Diane B. Stoy

"This book captures the essence of what it takes to build and sustain a High-Performance Organization. Drs. Kersten and La Venture delved into the history to glean the insight on the impact and effectiveness of corporate cultures. The authors identify several elements needed to create a high performing people centered culture. One of those is trust. This cannot be overstated. Many in authority fail to become leaders mainly because they lack the trust of the people they are supposed to lead. Implementing the concepts and insights gained from this book will help you transform your organization." 

- Dr. Raj Beekie, Adj. Professor