Meet Your Advisors

During your first year at UW-Stout, you will work with an advisor from the Advisement Center.
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First-year students are assigned to a first-year advisor based on their major. The Advisement Center also advises all undeclared students. If you are not a first-year or undeclared student you will be advised by faculty within your major. You can find your faculty advisor on your Access Stout Student Center. 


Janine Thull, Director of the Advisement Center

Janine Thull

Advises students in:
Applied Social Science
Human Development and Family Studies


First-Year Advisors

Advisor Jamie Arenz, of the Advisement Center

Jamie Arenz

Advises students in:
Art Administration and Entrepreneurship
Art Education
Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation
Early Childhood Education
Family and Consumer Sciences Education
Health, Wellness, and Fitness
Marketing and Business Education
Rehabilitation Services
Special Education
Supply Chain Management
Technology Education
Video Production

Advisor Heidi Gilbertson, of the Advisement Center

Heidi Gilbertson

Advises students in:
Pre-Animation and Digital Media
Pre-Game Design and Development - Art
Pre-Graphic Design and Interactive Media
Pre-Industrial Design
Pre-Interior Design
Pre-Studio Art

Advisor Denise Goers, of the Advisement Center

Denise Goers

Advises students in:
Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Applied Math and Computer Science
Applied Science
Computer Science
Environmental Science
Food Science and Technology

Advisor Deb Mosey, of the Advisement Center

Debra Mosey

Advises students in:
Business Administration
Computer Networking and Information Technology
Digital Marketing Technology
Fashion and Retail
Golf Enterprise Management
Graphic Communications
Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management
Information and Communication Technologies
Professional Communication and Emerging Media
Real Estate Property Management
Special Students

Darren Ward

Darren Ward

Advises students in:
Computer and Electrical Engineering
Engineering Technology
Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Plastics Engineering



Office Manager

Sherrie Cady


Program Assistant

Diane Creaser Profile

Diane Creaser