Senior Citizen Audit

Take a Course at UW-Stout Tuition Free!
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Wisconsin residents who are 60 or older (as of the first day of class) are eligible to audit a class free of tuition. 

General Information

Seniors that would like to audit a class pay only for textbooks and special course fees. 

Textbooks costs can range from $5-$9 
Special course fees can range from $5-$220

For more information on fees, go to the Student Business Services website

To Qualify for Senior Citizen Audit
  • Must be 60 or older by the start date of class
  • Must be a Wisconsin resident
  • Must be a non degree-seeking (undergrad special) student
Please Note...
  • All credits taken must be for audit
  • International study and customized instruction are not included
  • Instructor must give approval. (Approvals will only be given if there are vacancies in the class. Degree-seeking students have priority.)
How to Apply
  • Call Bridgette (715) 232-5513 or Breanna (715) 232-2485, email ( or stop by the Registration and Records Office (109 Bowman Hall) for an application 
  • Complete and return the application form to the Registration and Records Office (109 Bowman Hall)
  • Pay fees at the Student Business Services Office (125 Administration Building) within two weeks of the start of the term.
  • Go online and complete the Student Account Contract
  • If you have difficulty completing the FPA form online, please contact the Student Business Services office for assistance at 715-232-1656 or stop into their office on the first floor of the Administration Building, Room 125, on campus and they can assist you with the form.