Teaching Information Literacy with Primary Sources

EDUC 642 Teaching Digital Media Literacy: The Power of Primary Sources
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Our online Teaching Information Literacy with Primary Sources course will give you practical strategies to use in the classroom. You will learn methods to encourage your students to ask questions, stimulate their creativity, and build their media literacy skills.

Our Teaching Information Literacy course includes how to:

  • Locate, critique, and incorporate quality multimedia primary sources in your content.
  • Integrate learning activities to build new understandings from varied information primary sources.
  • Enhance your curriculum to support differentiated instruction.

You will learn research-based practices and practical approaches for incorporating primary sources in your curriculum to help students acquire critical thinking and information literacy skills.

We invite you to enroll in our Information Literacy course to meet your professional development goals if you need a license renewal, graduate credits, or just a refresher course.

Online Course
2 semester hours graduate credit

Our online Information Literacy course allows you to complete your weekly assignments as they best fit your schedule. All discussion postings and projects are submitted online.

Readings are provided online. We incorporate digital primary sources from The Library of Congress (LOC), the LOC's professional development program, and the Digital Public Library of America.

Our students include:

  • K-12 teachers
  • Community college, higher education, and continuing education faculty
  • Higher ed librarians and K-12 school library media specialists
  • National History Day educators
  • Teachers of Advanced Placement classes and core content area teachers
  • Educators addressing disciplinary literacy, state and national standards requiring the use of primary sources
  • Educators incorporating inquiry and informational text reading skills, and those working with National History Day activities.

This course is an approved elective in the Master of Science in Education online degree program. 

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Our Students Say...

"No matter what grade or subject you teach, there are materials that teachers can use.  I wish I would have learned about these tools in my pre-teaching training in college." 
~  High School Social Studies, AP Psychology, and Government Teacher, Wisconsin

"I have never felt so good taking a course than I have during this course. The exploratory nature of the assignments has sparked many ideas for my own classroom. I can't even go out to eat without thinking about primary sources."
~ High School Social Studies Teacher, Wisconsin

"I can confidently admit that this course far exceeded my expectations."
~ History Teacher, Illinois

"When I thought of primary sources before this course, I had a vague idea of dry, dull information—treaties, science research. Instead, I found lots of great ways to enrich my curriculum."
~ Middle School English Teacher, Wisconsin

"This has been one of the most valuable, if not the most valuable, class I've ever taken."
~ Elementary Media Specialist, Wisconsin

"It's incredible what I've learned about my neighborhood not only during the local history module but the entire class."
~ Park Ranger-Education, Ellis Island, New York

" I feel that this class fueled an enthusiasm about teaching and learning I have not had in some time."
~ High School English Teacher, Maryland