Community Outreach

Promoting a healthy campus and community.
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Just for the health of it.

4 the health of it logoThe Counseling Center provides self-help information and services to the campus and local community in form of hands-on seminars, classes and discussions. It has targeted the four most common stress-points for the campus community including:

  1. Stress management and maintaining a healthy mood 
  2. Maintaining and building healthy relationships 
  3. Maintaining and building healthy eating and exercise routines 
  4. Alcohol and drug education

Services and Offerings

Through outreach we aim to focus on prevention, education, and connecting with students in a fun and engaging way in order to promote and support health and wellness.

  • In-class health presentations for students 
  • Dorm visits 
  • Peer led discussion groups 
  • Peer led dorm activities 
  • Training and resources for staff/faculty about student issues 
  • Staff/ faculty health promotion presentations 
  • Campus-wide community health building activities 
  • Campus mental health/ health promotion information and resource

The professional staff of the Counseling Center are available to all members of the campus and local community for consultation, professional development, and intervention recommendations surrounding issues that concern the personal and emotional lives of students.