SVRI's Eligibility & Order of Selection Unit

Partners with the New Hampshire Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
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SVRI is excited to announce that we are partnering with the New Hampshire Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide our centralized Eligibility & Order of Selection Assessment Services to consumers applying for vocational rehabilitation services.

This service enhances the Rehabilitation Counselor-Consumer relationship through rapid engagement, expedited eligibility, enhanced efficiencies, and returns more time to the Rehabilitation Counselor to perform the most essential functions of their jobs, providing comprehensive counseling and guidance that leads to successful employment.

SVRI would like to thank Wisconsin DVR for their innovative collaborative efforts that lead to the creation of this service in 2014. Since that time SVRI has facilitated rapid engagement with 9,000 Wisconsin DVR consumers per program year by taking on the busy work of conducting intakes, gathering records, and submitting an eligibility recommendation to the referring Rehabilitation Counselor.

Thank you New Hampshire Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation for this new partnership opportunity.

Click here if you would like to learn more about the Eligibility and Order of Selection Unit.

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