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The Stout University Foundation began in 1962 with a handful of visionaries who awarded two $100 scholarships after a fundraising campaign selling commemorative buttons during homecoming week.

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, university friends, and industry partners, in fiscal year 2023, the Foundation can award over $1.2 million in student scholarships and provide more than $3.9 million in direct support to the students, faculty, and academic programs at UW-Stout on an annual basis. 

The Stout University Foundation, Inc. is guided by the Stout University Foundation Board of Directors. The board membership is comprised of 30 volunteers with a broad range of expertise that governs the current and future operations of the Stout University Foundation. 

The Stout University Foundation Board of Directors is committed to the philanthropic advancement and stewardship of the Stout University Foundation's assets. 


The Stout University Foundation, Inc., cultivates relationships between UW-Stout and its various constituencies for their mutual benefit. It supports the mission and goals of UW-Stout through the acquisition and stewardship of resources.


The Stout University Foundation Board of Directors will promote activities to build a broad base of support for UW-Stout. 

UW-Stout is a dynamic educational institution with a global reputation poised to attain increased visibility for its unique mission.  

The development and alumni activities will focus on existing initiatives, pursuing targeted growth opportunities and selectively developing partnerships to leverage financial and human resources. The Stout University Foundation will foster an enduring standard of excellence in its activities and those of UW-Stout.

Foundation Goals

Secure private gifts distinct and separate from the state and the institution's resources. Establish priorities for the annual fund, major gifts, gift planning, corporate and foundation relations. 

Engage donors, prospects and alumni in the institution's vision and steward their investments of time and money.  

Strengthen the Foundation and UW-Stout's public image and create an environment conducive to interest, to engage and to involve alumni and friends in philanthropic support.  

Design an office infrastructure to support ongoing fund raising activities. Ensure that information systems are in place to improve the quality of data and meet the increasing demand for information by alumni and fund raising staff. Maintain a leadership style which empowers staff through active communication and delegation, and ensures staff accountability for excellence through clearly defined and measurable goals.

Board President

Linda Funk

Linda Funk

Board Vice President


John Stahmer

Board Treasurer

Greg Else

Greg Else

Board Secretary

Tim Seichter

Tim Seichter


2022 Foundation Board of Directors

Stout University Foundation Board Members

Lora Benrud
Gregory Else
Linda Funk 
Marcia Jante 
Jason Levash 
Carol Mooney

Tim Seichter
Steve Sizemore
Lacey Smith 
John Stahmer
Kay Manger-Hague
Lou Welter