Self Management Toolkit

Building Skills for Healthy Living
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Just because we know that eating fruits and vegetables is a healthy behavior, doesn’t mean that we always prioritize eating healthy. So, how can we encourage healthy behaviors?

Engage in the following thought exercises that can help you develop the skills necessary to make the health-enhancing choice. Submit the Request Information form below to download the following self-management toolkit files.

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Flourishing of the Human Spirit: What if..

Acknowledge and explore what makes us fearful as well as healthy ways to cope with those fears.

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Flourishing of the Human Spirit: Re-framing in this Time of Change

Reflect on ways you can foster contentment and satisfaction, hope and optimism, as well as flow and happiness.

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Handwashing Can Prevent Illness 

Regular handwashing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and prevent the spread of germs to others. Use this tool in various corporate and K-12 education settings for employee wellness, bathroom advertising and bulletin board postings.


Goal Setting: Cultivating a Mindfulness Practice

Use this tool to help evaluate your capacity to incorporate mindfulness into your daily living and to keep track of your progress towards achieving mindfulness as a life-long practice. 


Communicating with my Doctor

Learn the skill of effective interpersonal communication to help you build a healthy relationship with your doctor so that you get the care that you need and deserve.


Analyzing Influences

Evaluate the many internal and external factors that shape your health choices.

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