Pupil Services Supervision Orientation Modules

For School Counseling and School Psychology program mentors
In this Section

Module 1: Overview and purposes for student supervision in pupil services

  • Mission of student supervision during field experience
  • Roles and relationships between student, site, and university
  • Developing a supervisory relationship and setting goals

Module 2: Wisconsin state standards and procedures

  • WI pupil services standards
  • WI state standards for school counseling and school psychology

Module 3: National standards

  • NASP professional standards
  • ACSA standards for students

Module 4: University policies for supervision

  • Highlighted policies and procedures
  • University Handbooks for:
    • School Psychology
    • School Counseling

Module 5: Multicultural principles and practices in supervision

  • Intro to cultural competency and link to related Butler, 2003 article
  • 6 principles for culturally competent supervision (Butler, 2003)