Holistic Wellness Workshop

Delve into the three key dimensions of well-being: physical, emotional, and social health!
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Thrive Through Change: A Holistic Wellness Workshop

Feeling overwhelmed by life's constant changes? Join our interactive workshop, "Thrive Through Change: A Holistic Wellness Workshop." We'll delve into the three key dimensions of well-being: physical, emotional, and social health. Learn simple exercises and mindfulness techniques to boost energy and manage stress. Discover tools for navigating challenges, building resilience, and fostering self-compassion. Participate in group activities that promote positive social interaction and build supportive networks. Leave feeling more energized, equipped with practical skills for emotional well-being, and connected to a supportive community. This workshop is perfect for anyone seeking to enhance their overall well-being, learn healthy coping mechanisms, and build stronger connections with others. Don't face change alone – register today!

What to Bring: Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. A yoga mat, towel, or blanket is helpful for some activities (optional). Weather permitting outdoor class, lawn chairs are welcome for those who prefer seated participation.

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Thursdays | Aug. 8 & 15 | 6 p.m.-8 p.m.

$69 | In-Person
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Saturdays | Oct. 5 & 12 | 1 p.m.-3 p.m.

$69 | In-Person
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Instructor Bio

Empowering Change Through Mindful Living

Lisa Traxler, owner of Inside Out Transformations LLC, is passionate about helping individuals navigate life's challenges and emerge stronger. After overcoming obstacles in her personal and professional life, she understands the difficulty and potential trauma associated with change. Her mission is to walk alongside you during these transitions, ensuring you don't face them alone.

Building Resilience Through Education and Experience

Lisa holds a degree in education and spent 12 years as a middle school teacher. Her diverse curriculum encompassed culture, health resilience, mindfulness, stress management, and daily success skills – all essential tools for navigating change. Additionally, she coached cross country and track for 11 years, instilling self-improvement not just in athletic ability, but also in self-confidence and positive self-talk.

Leading by Example: A Commitment to Well-Being

Lisa prioritizes self-care, believing in the power of mindful practices for overall well-being. An accomplished athlete, she has conquered a dozen marathons and various other distances, demonstrating her dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving goals. Through her coaching, she empowers others to embrace healthy living in a way that suits their individual needs and preferences.

Unlocking Your Potential: Practical Tools for Transformation

Lisa draws on her experience to help clients discover their inner truth, build self-esteem, and take decisive steps towards a fulfilling life. She emphasizes that mindfulness doesn't require drastic changes; small, mindful practices can create lasting positive impacts on your personal, professional, and interpersonal relationships.

Lisa's goal is to support individuals on their journeys of self-discovery, guiding them towards lasting transformations that enable them to live their best lives.